heavy rescue training llc

Whether you are a professional or volunteer firefighter, an EMS provider, or a member of an industrial or wilderness rescue team, Heavy Rescue Training LLC (HRT) and our cadre of instructors can provide you with the appropriate theories, knowledge, skills and real world tactics necessary to mitigate technical rescue incidents.  We offer high quality, realistic training to those responders that are required to perform High Risk / Low Frequency rescue operations.  We believe that the Emergency Services of today face rescue challenges, the likes of which have heretofore been unknown in the history of this country.  We realize that fire departments and other public and private service agencies are continually asked to "do more with less."  Many times "doing more" means tackling technical rescue situations. It is the safe resolution of these situations that the HRT curriculum is designed.

HRT provides high quality, reality-based rescue training.  We are not equipment manufacturers or retailers that also offer a training program.  We do not teach "work related rope access" or commercial rigging procedures.  We are not "career trainers" looking to make a profit in any venue that we can.  Like you, we are professional rescuers, dedicated to the saving of lives and passing on the lessons that we have learned in an effort to help you get back home to your family at the end of your shift.  Rescue is our business, both on and off duty.

Quality classroom presentations, realistic rescue scenarios and hours upon hours of hands-on training all combine to make for a truly memorable and educational technical/heavy rescue training experience.  With HRT, you will not only learn how to use your rescue equipment, you will learn how to handle the rescue situation.

Regardless of your current level of technical/heavy rescue experience, Heavy Rescue Training LLC has the curriculum and the instructors to elevate your technical rescue skills and further prepare you for response to high risk technical rescue calls.

Welcome to HRT LLC

Owning equipment does not make you prepared. Riding on a rescue apparatus does not make you a technician.  In the intermountain west, if you want to become a knowledgeable and skilled technical/heavy rescue technician, Heavy Rescue Training LLC is the place to train.  Period.

"In the world of technical rescue, there is no such thing as common sense...
only common training."

Steve Crandall, Owner HRT